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Albertville, MN Radon TestingRadon Inspection and Radon Testing

When you hire us to inspect your home for radon gas, you put years of experience in construction and inspections on your side.

  • Radon is a cancer-causing radioactive gas
  • You cannot see it
  • You cannot smell it
  • You cannot taste it
  • It may be a problem in your home, without you knowing

If You’re Not Sure – Don’t Risk It!

The State of Minnesota has recently adopted a new code which states that all new homes must be equipped with a passive radon reduction system.  Further, a passive system can be made “active” and very effective by simply adding a fan.

If you are a buyer of an existing home that was built prior to 2007, when the new state law went into effect, you should have the radon levels tested.  If levels are found to be above the EPA recommendations you may have an opportunity to ask the seller to pick up the cost of a radon reduction system, or upgrades.

No matter when your home was built – if you are not sure about Radon, the safest bet is to test for it.  We recommend that every home be inspected for Radon.

Don’t take a risk by purchasing your home without radon testing! We can test your home for radon levels during your home inspection or by simply scheduling just a radon testing along with it.

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