Albertville, MN Construction Inspector

Albertville, MN Construction InspectorProfessional Construction Inspector

When you hire us to inspect your commercial building and/or property, you put years of experience in construction and inspections on your side.

  • You’ll see the current issues
  • You’ll see potential future problems
  • You’ll see positive aspects
  • You’ll receive a detailed report, with pictures
  • We’re always here to answer any questions you have

How Long Does It Take?

Due to the wide scope of commercial inspections, it is hard to give an estimate.  For small buildings it can take a few hours, and for large multi-tenant complexes it can take a few days.  After the inspection, we will walk through the property and discuss our findings with you.  We will stay as long as it takes to answer any questions you may have concerning the inspection, property, buildings,  and any of the techniques we have used during the process.

Inspection Reports

Albertville, MN Inspection Report

As part of the inspection process you will receive a  comprehensive report of not only the potential trouble spots, but also the positive and value adding features of your property.  Our goal is to leave you with a better understanding of the building and/or property you hire us to inspect.

Albertville, MN Commercial Inspection ServiceFlexible Appointments

We know you’re busy – so we can work within your schedule.

You can give us a call or send us an email to talk about your commercial inspection.  We are here to answer any and all of your questions.  If you like, you can also use the form below to get started.

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